12 Best Inexpensive IKEA Organizers for 2021

Whenever I’m in my kitchen, I think of IKEA. Not because my entire kitchen consists of kitchen organizers or furniture or tools from there, but my first kitchen certainly did. 

Like many a broke college graduate, I went to IKEA when I moved into my very first, impossibly small apartment, mostly to buy kitchen supplies: things like pots and pans and serving utensils. Some of these items have fallen apart or disappeared over the years, but most of them still remain, and I still get nostalgic when I use them. Plus, they always remind me of the feeling of organizing your very first kitchen from top to bottom, of having a fresh slate. I loved that first kitchen, but I often think now about the mistakes I made when it came to how I “designed” it. 

My first thought? I would prioritize organization. For all of the IKEA items I purchased then, I didn’t think to get hanging racks, a magnetic knife strip, or space-saving cabinet dividers. What can I say? I was more concerned with purchasing, say, a set of eight cute wine glasses than making the kitchen space work efficiently.

If I had to do it again, I’d start at the organization supplies first, making sure I got the best options to maximize my tiny space. Having said that, here are 12 of the best kitchen organizers at IKEA, so maybe you can stay organized in your kitchen and have room for that set of wine glasses.

Most items on this list are less than $15, which means that organizing your kitchen doesn’t have to be an over-the-top, expensive process. Sometimes it can be as simple as installing a few rods and calling it a day. 

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