5 Interesting Activities You Should Do in Europe [With Photos]

March 8, 2021

Europe has a lot to offer from ruined cities, stunning archipelagos, cultural diversity, and so on. But here, we will showcase the other side of Europe, where you can see an epic list of exciting, unique, and fun activities in this amazing continent.

Things To Do in Split, Croatia
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Don’t worry. We won’t be listing down only “crazy and extreme trips” here, we will have from mellow activities up to adrenaline-pumping ones!

Prepare yourself for another set of breathtaking, mind-blowing, and alluring various trips you can do in Europe in these cool adventure and unique Things to Do in Europe.

Unique Things to Do in Europe – Part 2 @TingglyTeam
Alban Martel

Do you love beer as much as the Czech Republic’s castles? Would you dare to visit the country that holds the title of most consumed beer per capital than anywhere else in the world? Are you down for beer tasting fresh from brewery? Then here’s for you.  In this trip, you will get to know the history of beer, the fascinating technique of producing it, and of course, the chance to taste 11 specialties from the masters.

Things To Do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Are you a fan of the popular TV Series Game of Thrones? Take your adventurous imagination from the show into reality. Stand on the stunning Kings Landing and Qarth. Take a tour in Dubrovnik, a selected World Heritage Site back in 1979.

Find out yourself why this is one of the unique things to do in Europe, click here for more details.

There are only less than 10 places where you can learn to bobsleigh. One of the most extreme Olympic sports. An adrenaline blast experience as you race down on a track with speed up to 125 km/h. A full safety briefing will be provided upon request. And to those who want to get into the edge of this extreme sports, of course, you are very much welcome!

Unique Things to Do in Europe – Part 2 @TingglyTeam
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Get your hands on this one of the hottest water sports in the most popular kite surfing beach in Portugal. From the “how to stay safe on the water” to “how to do the best action” will be thoroughly discussed to you. Providing the best quality equipment and your confidence, you should be able to do kite surfing by the end of the session.

Unique Things to Do in Europe – Part 2 @TingglyTeam
Morteza F.Shojaei

Does water sport catch your attention? How about the adrenaline of blasting out of the waves then carried by air? Here, you just found the water sport for you! A professional instructor will go through the information and techniques you need to know. The fantastic part is that a photographer will catch all the fabulous moments you will have while doing this thrilling activity in Spain!

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