8 Fitness Experts You Must Follow On Instagram In 2019

February 25, 2021

Here are some of the top fitness accounts on Instagram, who don’t just post selfies and bootie shots….

Ben constantly posts quality nutrition advice in the form of helpful studies (without the science babble), videos and the odd infographic. Worth a follow!


Sorry, this is shameless but I can’t do a round-up without including me in it. Recipes, fitness infographics along with cute dog and baby photos.

Nic is a dietician specialising in bariatric surgery but her IG feed is packed with tasty recipes and useful nutrition tips.

Aberdeen lad Graeme has risen to fame with his excellent infographics dispelling myths left, right and centre. Watch out for his new book coming soon!


Previously thefashionfitnessfoodie – Lucy posts some beautiful graphics challenging clean-eating BS and challenges many other wrongly held ideas in the fitness industry.


NHS Surgical Doctor fighting weight stigma also been on the podcast chatting about celery juice: FFF 138: Calling BS On Celery Juice, Alkaline Cleanses & Raw Keto Vegan Paleo Carnivore Diets On Instagram – with Dr Joshua Wolrich


When a fantastic illustrator is also a fitness expert you can be guaranteed the IG posts are going to be superb.

Dr Megan Rossi (PhD, RD, APD) is the queen of gut health. Her page is packed full of helpful info if you want to get that good gut feeling.


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