Air Fryer Pizza Bites | How to Air Fry Frozen Pizza Rolls

June 2, 2021

Made in less than 10 minutes, you’ll love these Air Fryer Pizza Bites! So quick and easy, you’ll love making your frozen pizza bites in the air fryer from now on!

Have you tried making pizza bites (also called pizza rolls) in the air fryer yet? It’s so much quicker than making it in the oven! Growing up, I loved these frozen pizza rolls but could never get them as crispy as the deep fried version from the food courts. But all that has changed now with the air fryer! Crispy air fryer pizza bites at home with no grease or deep frying needed!

A plate of air fryer pizza bites with ranch dip.

Why You’ll Love Making Air Fryer Pizza Bites

  • It’s quick as you don’t have to wait to preheat the oven. Especially when I only want like 10 pizza rolls. Traditionally, in the oven, it can take up to 12 minutes at 425°F. In the air fryer, it takes around 5!
  • It’s super crispy like it’s been deep fried but with no oil! You don’t even need oil to crisp this up in the air fryer.

What You’ll Need

Frozen pepperoni pizza bites aka pizza rolls.
  • Frozen pizza bites aka pizza rolls. They’re like mini versions of pizza pockets!

My Recommendation

This is the air fryer I use. I love how large this air fryer is! It can fit a whole chicken or 2 bags of frozen French fries!

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How to Air Fry Frozen Pizza Rolls/Bites

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