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April 6, 2022

Bear in mind “pantyhose?”

Bear in mind “pantyhose?” Did you put on them in your 20s? The place did they go?

In my 20’s I keep in mind being informed at my waitress job to put on nylons

A pantyhose below my shorts (when ready tables at hooters – yep I did that 30 years in the past) and below my skirts at my retail job. Which is so humorous as a result of our pores and skin is ideal in our 20’s.

NOW, at 50, I completely get why our dad and mom and grandparents wore “pantyhose!” As we age our pores and skin will get thinner and translucent and we see blue hues, spots, veins and extra. AND these old skool hose made legs look flawless which was a confidence increase!

These had been changed by TANNED legs which then was changed by SPRAY TANS. I was OBSESSED with spray tanning. I assumed it will cowl every thing and make me look extra toned

Not any extra. The older I get I discover that it makes my pores and skin look dry and crinkly AND it makes all my little brown spots XTRA splotchy and darkish.

And I’ve YET to see a 50 yr previous girl spray tanned that I feel it seems good on (my private opinion) I feel it seems like orange dried Doritos on mature pores and skin

So what do I do INSTEAD? Just a few issues:

1. I make certain to SUPER concentrate on muscle improvement and firming. We lose increasingly muscle as we age so it’s even MORE essential to work to outline them. Outlined lets look higher AND are extra useful! We use our our bodies higher with outlined legs.

2. HYDRATION, consuming an unprocessed food regimen and Consuming liquid marine Collagen. Delicate- each of those-but they actually do enhance our pores and skin!

3. AND my trick??? Leg make-up. YUP. I stated it. I do it if I’m carrying a brief skirt or a slitted one. What I do is combine moisturizer with a physique make-up bronzer. There are a number of I like however actually essentially the most cheap efficient I discovered is Sally Hansen “airbrush tan” it’s tremendous cheap and works wonderful. And my daughter had no concept till this put up. The opposite day she stated, “Mother you shaved your legs they appear good”. I all the time “shave my legs” however I suppose the leg make-up made a noticeable distinction.

And why ought to we care about these getting older “magnificence issues!?” We shouldn’t.

However the actuality is a few of us (like me) do. And that’s okay!

All of us get to age how we wish to!

-Natalie Jill

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