Best Guided Encounters for Wildlife Viewing

September 24, 2021

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These Guided Wildlife Outings Will Strain Your Shutter Finger

Close-up of a wolf
Jacob W. Frank/NPS


The reintroduction of wolves to America’s oldest national park is one of the greatest re-wilding stories in history— but they can still be hard to spot. Yellowstone Wolf Tracker was founded by a pair of wildlife biologists who worked on the Yellowstone Wolf Restoration Project at its inception. They guide wolf treks through the expansive Lamar Valley and lesser-known parts of the park.

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Black bear climbing tree
Chase Dekker/Wild-Life Images


The multiday Being Bear experience is based out of Heather Mountain Lodge, the only lodge on British Columbia’s storied Rogers Pass on the doorstep of Glacier National Park. It’s led by internationally renowned bear expert Reno Sommerhalder. He’s logged more than 15,000 brown and black bear encounters around the world—all of them peaceful.


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Close-eup of a golden eagle
Neal Herbert/NPS


Arizona-based WINGS takes birders on a 12-day tour of the sandstone canyonlands of Utah and Arizona. Golden eagles, prairie falcons, sage grouse and dozens of other birds are the quarry. Good shooters carry telephoto lenses; smart ones pack tripods.

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