Black Pepper Beef – Carmy

June 30, 2021

A classic Chinese dish, this Black Pepper Beef (黑椒牛柳) is surprisingly easy to make at home! Tender, melt in your mouth beef, covered in a bowl-licking black pepper sauce, this is the perfect weeknight dinner.

Made with pantry staples, you won’t believe how simple it is to make black pepper beef. We usually get black pepper steak for take-out but I’ve been having trouble finding a Chinese restaurant nearby so I decided to just make it at home. Usually we order take-out because I’m not in a mood to cook but after cutting up the vegetables for this, stir frying everything together doesn’t actually take a lot of time or effort!

A plate of rice with black pepper beef and green onions with a fork inside.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • You don’t need a wok to make this stir fry. A large non-stick skillet works just as well for this black pepper beef!
  • You can add whatever vegetables you want to this. The sauce goes with everything.
  • This black pepper beef can easily double as a meal prep.

What You’ll Need to Make Black Pepper Steak

For the Steak

  • flank steak — or you can use a skirt cut, tenderloin, etc.
  • shaoxing wine — shaoxing wine is also known as Chinese cooking wine, from the city, Shaoxing. It’s an amber-colored rice wine that can be found online or at your local Asian grocery store!
  • sesame oil 
  • soy sauce – I usually try to use low sodium soy sauce.
  • potato starch
Shaoxing Wine

For the Black Pepper Sauce

Mushroom Flavoured Dark Soy Sauce.

Everything Else

  • olive oil
  • garlic
  • onion
  • bell pepper
  • mushrooms
Sliced bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and minced garlic.

How to Make Black Pepper Beef

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