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August 1, 2021

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Fitness Model Over 40 Diana Chaloux – LaCerte, is the co-owner of Hitch Fit Online Personal Training and Hitch Fit Gyms.

Can you be a Fitness Model Over 40?

The simple answer is YES! There is truly no age limit on when you can make positive changes to your eating and exercise habits, set high fitness goals for yourself, and achieve them.

How to look like a fitness model after 40


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Me Vs. Me Challenge

Best Fitness Models over 40

At the Hitch Fit Gyms in Kansas City, we have photos and banners up from photo shoots we (my husband Micah and I) have done over the years. I have always said that I never want to be a fitness model that only shares photos of my progress from 10 years ago, and never challenges myself as I get older. I want to show people what is possible if you continue living the lifestyle!

This year, I realized that one of the banners at the gym had a photo that is 10 years old (taken in 2011!). Now there are more current photos of course, from when we are in our 40’s and beyond. But this is a very prominent image at the gym.

I looked at that, and thought, I’m going to get in that level of condition and re-do that image. It’s been 10 years. AND I still have that suit and even the earrings!

So this is the Me Vs. Me. Challenge. The photo on the left I was 33 years old, the photo on the right is age 43. This just gives me more motivation to continue this lifestyle through the 40’s and beyond.

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How do you become a Fitness Model after age 40?

How you get there will start with a plan. If you don’t know where you’re going, then you won’t know how to get there. You’ll need to take your beginning stats such as weight, height, age, body fat and determine how much body fat you’re wanting to lose to get to fitness model shape.

It’s important to keep in mind that fitness models come in all shapes and sizes too! There are fitness models who are leaner than others, some who are more muscular than others, and some who are showing what can be done at any age.

Fitness Model Plans for women

The plan will need to include nutrition, the biggest change is probably going to be in how you are eating. To look like a fitness model, you will also need to be strength training with weights, that’s how you get the shape of a fitness model. And bonus, it’s what we all need to be doing as women who are entering our 40’s 50’s and 60’s. Strength training is beneficial for bone density, strength and fat loss as we get older.

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How I became a Fitness Model

For me, this journey began years ago! I entered the world of fitness competition at 27 years of age, and loved the lifestyle so much that I never turned back. I lost 50 pounds for my first competition, and never wanted to feel that way again. That is why today, over 16 years later, I still love this lifestyle and live it. Fitness Modeling came as a natural offshoot of competing for me. Shows led to photo shoots, and magazines and loving the challenge of getting into tip top shape.

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Get Into Fitness Model Shape Before and Afters

I stay at a lean body fat year round, in my 40’s, this is more important than ever to make sure I am maintaining the lifestyle in order to stay as strong and healthy as I can be. As the owner of Hitch Fit Gyms and Hitch Fit Online Personal Training, I also think it is SO important that I walk the walk, not just talk the talk!

Every year or two, I like to really challenge myself to go from good to great. The reason I do this is because I enjoy the challenge, I gain strength from my training, I love having goals that I’m working towards even though my days of competition on the stage are through. In my maintenance time, I sustain a body fat that is in the 15 – 18% range, and to prep for a photo shoot and get in my best fitness model condition, I get body fat down to a 10 – 11% range.

In 2021, it was time to set a positive goal and kick things into high gear with my nutrition and training.

For 100 Days I put myself into a fitness model prep to see how lean I could get at nearly 44 years of age!

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Fitness Models over 40

Fitness Model Over 40

I went from 138 and 18% body fat (on DEXA scan was at 24%) down to 118 pounds and 10.8% body fat (16.8% on DEXA). It felt great to hit this goal and achieve a higher fitness goal than I have in about a decade.

If you want to kick things up a notch and see what you’re capable of. I encourage you to do GO FOR IT. Setting goals and then putting in the work to achieve them, builds strength physically, mentally and emotionally. No matter if you are in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or beyond. You can achieve what you set your mind to if you’re willing to put the work in too.

If you are looking to get into Fitness Model Shape After 40, then check out our Hitch Fit Online Personal Training Plans. I would love to help you set and achieve goals and get in the best shape of your life.

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