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March 16, 2021

When Theresa 1st reached out to us she had let me know she had never worked out but that she and her husband needed to get healthy and fit.  I could feel she was a bit nervous as this would all be new to her but I ensured her that if she followed it would change her inside and out.  The goal was to Drop cholesterol levels and lose weight after the age of 50.  Thats exactly what we would do losing 20 lbs, inches , body fat and lost over 40 points on her LDC  and nearly 70 Points off her HDL in only 12 weeks  She was 5 ‘4″ and 56 years old and did amazing.

Day 1 Weight- 163, Hips 40″, Stomach 40″ , Body Fat 41%

After 12 Weeks – 144, Hips- 38″, Stomach 35″ Body Fat 25.38%



Theresa’s Story – Hitch Fit Health

Our story isn’t the big one, but it is our story.   We had watched the Truth Talk video of Micah and Diana and it piqued our interest, but we were not totally sure.  While we knew we were not at the perfect weight, I had never worked out.  I would walk often as a “steps junkie” and try to eat good but nothing formal.   Alan was in better shape and took long bike rides, but with a busy work schedule had gotten out of whack too.  Then sort of a perfect storm (they say things come in 3): I lost my job, we heard friend Tia’s story with Hitchfit and I had my annual blood work and a cholesterol level of 281, the LDL (bad at 188).  That did it, while weight was troublesome health was more important, so I asked my husband as my birthday present to join me in signing up.

Decrease Cholesterol Levels


We sent our pictures and got our individual plans, as a beginner I will say I was a bit overwhelmed.  I watched the videos and then made some cheat sheets for myself on how each exercise was done, how many to do, and taped them all over our newly dedicated workout room.  And week 1 was hard, eeks this hurts but you know what not bad.  We cleaned out the cupboards and found new recipes to follow the diet plan.  Each week we got a bit better, then it would change up at 4 week intervals and we were again trying new things, and it got easier.   I was lucky (I guess) to be home to concentrate on workouts and meal prepping, and keep us going and sure enough it all started to pay off.  While we did see the weight go down, clothes get baggy, and just have more energy.

Fit Over 50


At the end I went to the Dr again for follow up, and it all worked.  Weight down check -20lbs, Body fat lowered to (25.38), cholesterol down  (213 LDL 143).  I was concerned it was not under the ‘magic’ 200 but my dr said he had run additional tests and I was just someone that ran high. I was healthy and keep it up.    It has been 2 weeks and I have lost an additional 2 lbs and really know this is just a new lifestyle for us.  The one warning they do not talk about is the expense… because I had to buy new pants, slimmer shirts and even a smaller bra 🙂  I’ll take it.

Program Choice: Couples Bootcamp


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