How to Set Up a Burrata Bar

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This epic burrata bar is complete with vibrant salads, jam, olives, crackers, and, of course, milky burrata. I purposefully added several different simple seasonal salad options to this spread so you can make it year-round. This allows you to just put together the salad that is in season, or go for them all.

To make this bar work with just one salad, triple the salad recipe and consider gearing some of your other topping options toward that season (such as strawberry jam and basil for summer, apple butter and rosemary for fall, etc.).

Drink pairing: Pick out a few Italian wines to keep with the theme — I’d recommend having one sparkling, one white, and one red on hand if you can.

Make-ahead game plan: Salads can be made the morning of and stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container until ready to serve. Wait until serving to add the burrata.

Wyatt’s sidebar: Serve slices of prosciutto as a topping option in case guests would like to include a little protein in their burrata creations.

Styling notes: Choose a variety of colors when picking out produce (for example, try to seek out heirloom tomatoes in different colors, or both red and yellow beets). You can also either place the burrata out on its own by the salads, or divide the burrata between three bowls and add some of the salad to the bowls to create a sort of pre-made spread so your guests just need to add garnishes.

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