I Tried the Watermelon Mustard Tiktok Trend So You Don’t Have To

While this made me concerned about trying the snack myself, nothing was more worrisome than realizing that @yayayayummy is possibly just trolling us all. In the time since their watermelon video went viral, the user has posted several more videos of odd food combinations, including Froot Loops with orange juice, a raw oyster with a packet of Smucker’s grape jelly, and the truly indefensible banana topped with mayonnaise. All of the videos feature @yayayayummy saying “trust me” and “it is so good.” This is a joke, right? A sendup of all the TikTok viral food trends and celebrities like rapper Saweetie, who have shared their own odd food combos online? And if it is a joke, what will happen to me when I bite into watermelon covered in mustard?

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