I’m an Accountant in LA – Here’s How Much I Spend on 2 Weeks of Groceries

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How did you choose where to shop?

I am pretty busy with work and I play tennis four or five days out of the week, so it is hard to get to the grocery store. I started using online grocery delivery as soon as it came out, this was many years ago (well before Instacart). I justified the extra cost, figuring it was better than ordering takeout all the time. During the pandemic, I was ordering grocery delivery around 95 percent of the time. But this week, I went to Whole Foods for a proper grocery shopping excursion (for the first time in about a year-and-a-half). My cousin and I arrived about an hour-and-a-half before closing time, and I felt like the options were slim. I didn’t like what was left of some items, so I had some things delivered the next day.

What do you plan on making? 

I only plan for about two or three different meals because my plans shift so frequently. The truth is that I don’t really like leftovers. Anything that I make has to be to be delicious and also maintain its integrity for a few days so that I look forward to eating it again. 

How is this different from how you normally shop?

Pre-pandemic, I used to do half grocery delivery and half in-person shopping. I would have groceries delivered during the week and shop during the weekend to cook for my family when they came over. It was a fun project that I looked forward to weekly.

During the pandemic, I started shopping mostly online and ate almost every meal at home. I had groceries delivered twice a week and ordered a lot of takeout. I really took the “Safer at Home” situation seriously. When I realized that we weren’t going back to work and I was going to be working from home indefinitely, I (safely) went to Seattle to spend time with my sister’s family and my parents for about five months. When I was there, I had groceries delivered and cooked two or three meals a week for everyone.

I live alone again and now that restrictions are being lifted, I am much busier and there is much less cooking going on. I still do most of my shopping online for delivery, unless I am planning to cook something special. If that’s the case, I enjoy going to different grocery stores like HK Market (a Korean grocery), Seafood City (a Filipino market), really any Asian market or farmers market. I also ordered a new dining table that is arriving next month. Because most everyone I know is vaccinated, I will be planning what I call “project dinners” again and having people over. I know that will motivate me to cook!

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