Indian version of Sirtfood Diet Plan for weight loss ( Adele’s Weight loss Plan)

February 20, 2021

Weight loss at a lightning speed? Is that even possible? That would be so fascinating…imagine just a few days of hard work and you get the desired results. The latest talk in town is the sirtfood diet. The sirtfood diet was discovered by the clinical nutritionist in Europe. It is becoming today’s generation’s favorite diet as there is an allowance for red wine and dark chocolate. More so because celebrity fame Adele has lost a wow amount of weight with the sirtfood diet. No wonder people call it Adele’s weight loss plan. Here is an Indian version of the sirtfood diet plan for weight loss.

Indian version of Sirtfood Diet Plan for weight loss ( Adele's Weight loss Plan)

What is Sirtfood Diet Plan for weight loss?

This diet emphasizes the use of ‘sirtfoods’. These are kind of antioxidant agents that slow down aging, boost metabolism, and reduces the body’s inflammation. All these in turn helps in burning the body fat directly or indirectly.

How does Sirtfood diet plan help in weight loss: (Science behind SIRT 1 gene)

  • The sirtfoods activate the sirtuin 1 gene that helps in increasing the metabolism. (Research).
  • With a high metabolism, the body breaks down body fat for fuel.
  • SIRT 1 gene is said to suppress the appetite that helps in further weight loss.
  • The calorie restriction along with the addition of sirtfood helps in losing the extra pounds faster.
  • SIRT 1 gene regulates a number of targets involved in lipid metabolism at different tissue.
  • Here is a self-explanatory diagram of how the sirt gene works in the body. Pic courtesy – National center for biotechnology center.


Expected weight loss on a sirtfood diet plan:

The researchers claim Sirtfood diet helps reduce almost up to 3 kgs in its phase1 alone.

Indian Version of the sirtfood diet plan for weight loss

The sirtfood diet is followed in phases. One must include the “sirt foods”  in daily diet along with a reduction in caloric intake. Such foods are for example oranges, dark chocolates, parsley, turmeric, kale, and even red wine.

The Sirtfood diet has two phases:

  • Phase 1: This phase is seven days long. Initial three days you need to consume sirtfood green juice three times a day. Along with the juice that replaces most of your meals you are allowed to consume a sirtfood rich meal. The only condition of this meal is that it has to be less than 1000 kcals. After these three days, on the fourth day, you reduce the green juice intake to two times a day. You get an allowance to split the sirtfood rich foods meal into 2 meals, where you can consume 1500 kcal a day in total. This will continue till the seventh day.


  • Phase 2: From the eighth-day, you enter into phase two. This phase is called the maintenance phase. This is almost 2 weeks long. Each day you need to consume the sirtfood rich meals thrice and one sirtfood green juice. These 14 days will further help you to reduce weight.


 List of foods allowed in sirtfood diet:

  • Cereals: Wheat buck (kuttu)
  • Proteins: Soy, lean chicken, eggwhites
  • Nuts: Walnuts, Medjool dates
  • Fruits: Blueberries, green apple, strawberries, citrus fruits
  • Vegetables: Kale, arugula, parsley, celery, onions
  • Oil: Extra virgin olive oil
  • Spices: Turmeric
  • Extra foods: Cocoa chocolate, green tea, red wine, coffee

List of foods to restrict:

  • Refined flours
  • Refined sugars
  • Processed foods
  • Junk foods
  • Sugary beverages

You can include vegetables apart from the ones mentioned below that are almost negligible in calories.

The sirtfood green juice recipe:

Green juice is a blended juice that contains a calculated amount of sirtfood rich ingredients. This juice helps ignite the body’s metabolism to burn more fats. So let’s see what ingredients are required for the juice.

Indian Version of the sirtfood diet plan for weight loss



  • Blend all the ingredients in a blender except lemon and matcha green tea
  • Once the juice is smooth squeeze in the lemon and adds matcha green tea powder before serving
  • If arugula is unavailable you can use any other green leafy vegetable that is readily available in our Indian households

Drawbacks and Side-effects of the Sirtfood diet:

  • The use of seasonal food makes it a bit difficult to follow.
  • The allowed foods might not be available easily in some parts of India.
  • It is a bit challenging when you have to travel as you need to carry your own food.
  • The use of exotic foods makes it a bit expensive.
  • The diet is limited in proteins. Thus long-term use of this diet is not feasible as it may set in some nutritional deficiency.
  • Lack of protein leads to muscle loss that contributes to weight loss and also reduces the body’s metabolism.
  • There is the possibility of deficiency of the vital vitamins, as well as minerals if you follow this diet for a long period of time.
  • Excess use of matcha tea may not be suitable for all.
  • Also, the daily inclusion of wine, as well as dark chocolate, is unnecessary.
  • Initial weight loss might be only water loss which will be gained back once you follow a normal routine diet.
  • Side effects of a sirtfood diet plan may include fatigue, nausea, impaired mental function, or headache due to very fewer calories in the first phase of the diet.

How to overcome the drawback and make full use of the diet?

  • Take proper guidance from the certified dietician
  • Follow the diet strictly
  • Follow a proper maintenance diet as per the requirement and professional recommendation
  • Regularly indulge in the workout that will help lose weight and boost metabolism


Indian Version of the sirtfood diet plan for weight loss Sample Diet

Phase 1: Day 1 – 3

Breakfast: 1 glass Sirtfood Green juice

Lunch: 3 no. Buckwheat flour and kale chilla +

Soy milk curd and onion raita +

2 inch ball Medjool dates as well as walnut laddu (No sugar) +

1 cup Green Salad

Snack: 1 glass Sirtfood Green juice

Dinner: 1 glass Sirtfood Green juice


Phase 1: Days 4 – 7

Breakfast: 1 glass Sirtfood Green juice

Lunch: 2 no. Buckwheat Paratha with soy and onion filling +

Kale garlic Chutney +

1 cup Soy/ coconut milk curd

Snack: 1 glass Sirtfood Green juice

Dinner: 1 glass Soy milk date walnut smoothie with buckwheat muesli and strawberry pieces


Maintenance diet: Day 8 to 21

Breakfast: 2 Buckwheat strawberries pancake with dark chocolate and Medjool date sauce

Lunch:  2 Buckwheat Chapati + 1 cup Green vegetable + 1 no Boiled eggwhite or ½ cup Grilled Tofu

Snacks: 1 glass Sirftfood green juice

Dinner: 1 cup Vegetable Buckwheat khichdi + Tomato soup + 2 small no. Kale chicken/ tofu Rolls


Note: In between meals you can sip onto any infused water or spice tea in both the phases


Sirtfood diet can help in the initial push for weight loss. Once you see the desired result try and follow a balanced diet along with an appropriate workout for long-term positive results. You can always include sirtfood diet ingredients in your diet for the additional activation of fat loss.



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