Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread

October 18, 2021

Take your garlic bread to the next level with this delicious Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread. Stuffed with sweetened cream cheese and coated in garlic butter, you’re going to be reaching for seconds.

I wouldn’t even consider this Korean garlic bread as a side dish. This cream cheese garlic bread is the main attraction!! It’s soft but crispy, sweet but savoury, and packed with garlic and buttery flavours. I’m obsessed with it and hope you’ll be as well.

Close up overhead view of a Korean cream cheese garlic bread.

This popular Korean street food featuring a twist on classic garlic bread where the bread rolls are filled with cream cheese. Whenever we drive back into the city, I will buy a minimum of two to bring home. Honestly, if H wasn’t around, I would be buying five lol.

Why You’ll Love This Korean Garlic Bread

  • Unlike regular garlic bread, the buns are dunked and coated in a custard like garlic butter with egg and milk added. This makes the bread even more moist.
  • It’s super easy to make. I adapted my bread from my Cheese Buns recipe then whipped up some cream cheese and dunked it in garlic butter. The recipe is very straightforward. You can even shortcut this by buying bread from the store!
  • When I uploaded the photo to IG stories below during my testing phase, everyone went nuts in my DM. That’s definitely an indication that you’ll love this Korean garlic bread recipe.
Korean cream cheese garlic bread.

Ingredients You’ll Need

Ingredients needed to make Korean cream cheese garlic bread.

For the Bread Rolls

  • flour — all-purpose flour is perfect for this recipe. I haven’t tested this with bread flour yet as I’m out but have 2 upper-body sized bag of all-purpose flour that I need to work through first lol.
  • warm water — between 105°F to 115°F.
  • yeast — I use instant yeast to skip the blooming.
  • sugar — granulated white sugar.
  • egg — room temperature is ideal but it’s ok if it’s cold.
  • garlic powder
Brush, whisk, dough hook, and an egg.

You’ll also need 1 egg for an egg wash, a mixer with a spiral dough hook, wire whip, and a brush.

Ingredients needed to make the cream cheese filling.

For the Sweetened Cream Cheese

  • cream cheese — softened to room temperature. Make sure to buy the blocks of cream cheese and not tubs. This is also not the time to use low-fat, this is a full-fat cream cheese recipe!
  • sugar — granulated white sugar
  • milk — you only need a splash. I use around one tablespoon.

You’ll also need a piping bag or a Zipoloc bag.

Ingredients needed to make the garlic butter mixture.

For the Garlic Butter Custard

  • butter — use unsalted butter as you don’t want a salty garlic bread.
  • sugar — granulated white sugar.
  • dried parsley
  • milk
  • garlic — it’s best to use freshly minced garlic. When I used frozen minced garlic, the butter got lumpy.
  • egg

How to Make Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread

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