Le Creuset New Color Launch 2021: Cool Mint

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Spring has officially sprung! But despite the transition to glorious weather, many of us are still feeling like we’re running a nonstop marathon while living, working, and cooking at home. Thankfully, Le Creuset is giving us a reason to celebrate and indulge in some new additions that can add so much joy to otherwise mundane routines. The heritage cookware brand is launching a (sort of) new color that symbolizes a refreshing burst of energy. But before you scroll down to see the color in all its enameled glory, we’ll just say that it’s going to bring the biggest smile to your face. Drumroll, please …

According to Le Creuset’s website, the blue-green hue is meant to lift spirits “with its irrepressible joy.” And the fact that it’s named after a classic ice cream flavor makes it just that much more joyful. For me personally, it evokes nostalgia for seaside holidays and mountainside getaways. And given the current pandemic, there’s a chance that both those escapades may not be possible for many of us this year. Which is why we’ll gladly take any opportunity to cover our tablescapes in these soothing blue pieces and fill them up with spring delights like loaves of fresh bread, stews, salads, pasta, mint chocolate chip ice cream … you get the idea.

Whatever you decide to serve in your eye-catching new Le Creuset indulgence, just make sure you act fast. Because just like that scoop of delicious ice cream, this color will be gone before you know it.

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