Letter Of Declaration Of Love For A Man And A Woman

March 2, 2021

Want to write a love letter for a man? It’s not always easy to find the necessary inspiration to express your feelings that have fled to the bottom of your heart to the one who made you fall in love with them …

So, to help you find the words. Here are some letters of declaration of love …

01- Letter of declaration of love for him

Dear [… first name],

With your charming eyes, you seduced me, I never thought that one day I would meet someone like you on my way.

The first time I saw you, I thought it was a dream. My eyes were full of admiration and my heart was beating faster. I was trying not to let my feelings show so that no one would find out my secret, but deep down inside I was dreaming of when you would give me a smile.

The time your eyes met mine, I was in shock. My eyes were filled with emotion and I was no longer dependent on myself. Time stops when you are in front of me, I only think of the two of us, finally reunited.

Sometimes when I’m near you I feel like Juliet near her Romeo. In short, to describe my love, I could say all the words in the world to you…
But the only word is “I LOVE YOU”

02- Letter of declaration of love for a man

Dear [… first name],

Reading this letter, you will no doubt think of it as a joke on my part and yet, there is nothing more serious in my eyes than the revelation that will follow. We’ve known each other for some time now and every day I’ve learned to appreciate the person you are.

Your qualities, but also your faults. I know what you like, what makes you happy, what you hate and I have watched, in silence, for a long time at the different stages of your life. Today, i must face the facts, I have feelings for you that have nothing to do with a simple friendship.

I love your company and I am always looking for you, I love your presence. Knowing that you are absent from a place where I am makes me sad and pushes me towards the exit. All these moments spent together fill me with great happiness and I would like them to be much more frequent. Do you understand what I mean?

I know you like me too and I wish we were much more than just friends to each other.

This is why I decided today to open up for you and I hope with all my heart, not to regret it …

I eagerly await your response…

03- Letter of declaration of love for him

Dear [… first name],

This letter has barely begun when I already fear to know your answer. As you know, I’m not the very talkative type, nor the very expansive type, so that’s why I decided to write to you rather than talking to you face to face.

We have known each other for a few months now and as we have met, I have come to know and appreciate you. This sincere friendship has since evolved into a more loving feeling. You may have noticed, I am far from being indifferent to your presence, on the contrary: I try to get closer to you as soon as the opportunity arises. When you’re not around you are on my mind and I couldn’t keep it all to myself any longer.

On your side, I don’t know what you think of me. These sweet moments spent by your side make me hope for many things. It is therefore with immense impatience that I await your response.

Letter from a man who declares his feelings to a woman he loves.

Here are two examples of love letters with the most beautiful declarations of love …

Letter of declaration of love to a friend

Dear [… first name],

With these few words of love, I come to tell you the truth of my feelings for you. We are together every day and yet, I never dared to confess my feelings for you. When I talk about feelings, I mean the ability to say what it really feels like to a person.

With this letter that I am sending you today, I would like to declare my love to you. Yes with this declaration of love I want to tell you how much I love you. I do not love you only as a friend, but I also love you with love.

My shyness meant that until today I did not dare, I did not know how to admit to you what I really feel for you.

I declare my love to you out loud even though it seemed difficult to do. I was afraid to disappoint you or to scare you. I was also afraid that we would lose our beautiful friendship and all those good times spent together. 

But now, today, I can no longer love you in silence. I can’t take it anymore not being able to say “I love you”. I can’t take it anymore not to share all this love with you. I so want to say beautiful words of love to you, love poems that give hope for better days, days when we will finally be together.

I love you for what you are with your qualities and your faults. For everything, that makes you the wonderful person that you are. I am, of course, not the most beautiful of men… not the richest or the most intelligent either, but I love you… with a sincere love.

But now, I do not know if my romantic feelings are shared? If this letter will touch your heart or on the contrary generate disappointment in you? Can you imagine a possible happiness between the two of us? Can you and I have a beautiful love story?

I don’t have the answer to all of these questions! You are the only one to hold the key to my happiness! Do not feel that you have to respond to this letter immediately. I don’t want this statement to disturb you. Take your time and let yourself be guided by your heart and the reality of your feelings for me.

Whatever your answer, I would accept it with all my love for you.


Declaration of love letter template for her

Dear [… first name],

It seemed obvious to me to write you such a letter, but I did not find the right time. Today, I finally found the courage to take action. I have observed you discreetly for months now and you occupy all my thoughts. This revelation will perhaps surprise you as I had not dared, until then, to clearly show you the feelings that invade me.

For me, you have all the qualities I expect in a woman. In my eyes, you are someone rare, someone exceptional even, therefore I like you very much. My dearest wish would be that you share these feelings with me and that you want to get to know me better. For my part, I really want to get to know you and spend more time with you.

I hope you understand that writing this letter was a difficult act for me, but despite the apprehension about such revelations, I think the game is worth it.

One more word: whatever your answer, don’t leave me waiting. I would rather receive an answer that does not correspond to my expectations rather than wait in vain for a sign from you.

Be sure that I can make you happy, because I only want one thing, to spend the rest of my life by your side!

I love you.

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