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December 30, 2021

Transformation of the Day: Michelle lost 25 pounds. She was inspired to start her journey after seeing her 67-year-old aunt’s weight loss transformation. She worked with a coach who gave her the guidance and support she was looking for.

Michelle before and after weight loss

My name is Michelle, and I’m 44 years of age. I am 5’7″ tall, and I started my weight loss journey at 218 pounds. Within 35 days, I was down to 193 pounds (25lbs), and I owe it all to Terry Starks.

What was your motivation?
My motivation is my 67-year-old aunt, who (within months) went from a size 14 to a whopping size 8-10, losing over 20-30 pounds. Not to mention that she could probably run circles around me with her daily activities without tiring out. 

To be quite honest, I was also just unhappy with the way I began to look with clothes on.

I’d been following Terry Starks for a while on Facebook. I saw the transformations of so many women he worked with and what they achieved within 35 days. Not only did you see a difference in their bodies, but the smiles on their faces were a true sign of overall happiness. Could this be true?? I decided to call, and Terry was able to assess my overall lifestyle right over the phone. At the same time, he motivated me to believe that I can “DO THIS.”

How did you change your eating habits?
Terry’s program offered weekly meal plans that consisted of 5 meals a day. The plan includes foods that the average person would typically eat, although portion control is required. 

Tell us about your workout routine.
The plan recommended that I work out for only 30 minutes a day in the morning before eating anything. My workouts consisted of 30-45 minutes of cardio.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?
The lesson that I’ve learned is to believe in myself more, and just like anything else, “If you can Think it, you can Achieve it.”

What advice would you like to share with women who want to lose weight?
Ladies, if you’ve tried just about everything without success, I insist that you try Terry Starks. I’m a living witness. Terry has also been readily available to answer any questions or concerns I’ve had throughout this journey. 

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