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February 9, 2022

A very good dialogue on Clarence Bass’s web site, “Think Yourself Young“, and an article within the Guardian “Can you think yourself young?” referred to as my consideration to this subject. There was fairly a little bit of scientific analysis indicating that the reply is “sure”, and conversely, with a poor perspective, you can also make your self age sooner. It’s not a small impact. For instance, From the Ohio Longitudinal Research of Getting older and Retirement, those that reply no to the query “Are individuals much less helpful as they get older” will reside on common nearly 8 years greater than those that reply sure.

Salsa dancer Paddy Jones, the world’s oldest Acrobatic Salsa dancer, in her 80s.

This matches with my expertise. Folks I do know who’re cynical about ageing don’t age as properly. It is sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy. They’ve accepted the continuing decline slightly than treating it as one thing that may be fought off. Definitely, I proceed to get slower with age. However I proceed to seek out acceptable challenges to encourage me. I stay up for new adventures slightly than repeatedly retelling the tales of adventures from the previous. Buddies that agree with this perspective are all ageing higher and having fun with the method extra.

There can be much more on this within the upcoming e book The Expectation Impact: How your Mindset Can Rework Your Life, by David Robson, which I stay up for studying.

After all, as Clarence factors out in his “my take” part of his article, along with good mindset, staying lively helps too. However I additionally discover that mindset helps with maintaining bodily enjoyable.


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