Push Press Train: How To, Advantages, Variations

March 16, 2022

The strict overhead press is the gold customary on the subject of overhead urgent. Utilizing nothing greater than your higher physique you press a barbell strictly overhead with no assist out of your decrease physique. There’s little question strict overhead press is a improbable exercise for strength and mass and requires excessive quantities of core energy and shoulder mobility to make it occur. However sadly, not everybody has the mobility and energy to do that with good approach. Plus, apart from the fitness center when do you end up strictly lifting or throwing something overhead? Most likely not a lot and that’s why the push press is a better alternative for the majority of lifters.

This text will clarify what the push press is, muscle tissues skilled, advantages of the push press, approach ideas, programming ideas, and a few variations and alternate options.


The barbell push press makes use of a lower-body dip, assume quarter squat with knees going over toes to push the barbell overhead. This isn’t two actions however one seamless motion. You utilize your decrease physique to press the barbell overhead. The push press makes use of a triple extension of the ankles, knees, and hips, which carefully mimics what lots of overhead athletes do and most sports that involve running.


  1. Begin by assuming the identical front-rack positioning because the entrance squat and have your wrist and shoulders aligned with a shoulder-width grip.
  2. Hold an upright higher physique as dip downward about 4 to 6 inches, driving your knees over your toes.
  3. Then pushing your higher physique by the barbell and utilizing the quads and glutes forcefully drive your self whereas pushing the barbell overhead until lockout,
  4. Slowly decrease down the barbell to the beginning place and reset and repeat.


The push press wants lower- and upperbody muscles to work together to press the barbell explosively overhead. Listed below are the principle higher and decrease physique muscle tissues skilled by the push press.

Decrease-Physique Muscle groups

  • Quads: The knee dip and knee extension offers you the oomph that you must press the barbell overhead
  • Glutes: Close to the tip of the drive part, you want hip extension to press the barbell overhead and preserve the again in impartial as you strategy lockout.
  • Anterior & Posterior Core: A robust midsection permits for the switch of energy between the decrease and higher physique. Plus, it helps preserve your backbone impartial below the compressive load of the barbell.

Higher-Physique Muscle groups

  • Deltoids: The anterior and lateral diploid assist press the barbell overhead the posterior deltoid stabilize the shoulder joints when the barbell is overhead
  • Higher Pecs: Assists the deltoids in urgent the barbell overhead.
  • Triceps: Kick in in the course of the remaining third of the motion to realize lockout.


The mix of utilizing your decrease and higher physique means that you can press nice hundreds overhead to enhance your energy, energy, and muscle all inside one train. Does it get any higher than this?

  • Improves the bench press and different overhead workout routines: Having the ability to raise extra weight overhead will assist enhance your bench press as a result of they contain related muscle tissues. This can enhance different overhead workout routines like single-arm presses, carries, and even the strict overhead press. Plus, in case you’re an Olympic lifter the push press is a superb accent train for constructing extra overhead energy. The push press trains hip and leg drive which is analogous to the Olympic lifts and trains, dip-and-drive mechanics of the legs much like jerks and the power to dip to the right depth for each raise and jerk
  • Whole-body energy and muscle: Utilizing a triple extension to press the barbell overhead supplies energy and muscle-building stimulus to your quadriceps and glutes. Plus, lifting urgent extra weight overhead in comparison with the strict press helps construct larger shoulders and triceps.
  • Builds hip drive and athletic energy: Hip and leg drive used within the push press are essential elements to enhance locomotion actions similar to operating, sprinting, and leaping. The stronger you’re the larger your potential for velocity. The push presses switch of energy from the decrease to the higher physique is much like what lots of overhead athletes do on the sporting subject, making this an ideal train for many overhead athletes.


The push press is a full-body explosive and powerful exercise that requires a ton of vitality and focus. For that reason, it must be carried out early in your coaching after your warmup. Even performing a number of mild push presses earlier than hitting the heavier weight will grease the groove and set the desk for higher kind.

Listed below are a number of recommendations for programming the push press for energy or muscle.

  • Absolute Power: Coaching between 85 to 90% of your 1RM performing 1-3 reps works properly right here. Hold the entire rep depend low between 10 to fifteen reps. For an additional problem, doing one to 3 reps each minute on the minute for 5 to 10 minutes permits rep out with a heavy load.
  • Muscle constructing: Muscle is inbuilt all set and rep ranges however due to the push presses technical nature, stress on the backbone, and lifting heavy weights overhead, performing six to 12 reps at 80% works properly right here.


If that you must get sturdy overhead the push press is the right train for you, However not everybody has the required, shoulder mobility, energy, and core stability to drag off the barbell push press. Listed below are a few variations and alternate options to soundly prepare the overhead motion.

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