The Pink Stuff Review – Dirty Baking Sheet

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I don’t spend a lot of time on TikTok (because I’m a very not cool late-30-something!). But when I am on it (usually for work), I almost always see a video featuring The Pink Stuff. Scratch that, I almost always see many videos featuring The Pink Stuff. I’ve seen videos of people using the stuff to clean cookware, tile, stovetops … there’s even one viral video that features someone using The Pink Stuff to wipe pencil marks from a beat-up wooden door.

Feeling curious about the paste, I bought some a few weeks ago. It’s on Amazon, where it has more than 27,000 five-star reviews. As soon it was delivered, I got to work using some big ol’ dollops to clean my oven door. I was legitimately impressed. And then I, um, promptly forgot about the stuff. I put it in my cleaning closet and just forgot. (And that is a darn shame, as you will see.)

Fast forward to today: I was back on TikTok where I was reminded about The Pink Stuff. “I have a jar of that!” I told myself … while I simultaneously pictured the impossibly gross baking sheet that was sitting in my sink downstairs.

I’m not exactly sure what happened to get it this way, but I think it was a culmination of a bunch of things that happened. Lately it had become my default sheet for making bacon in the oven, roasting mushrooms, and anything else that would make a mess. I figured there was no saving this sheet pan, so I might as well lean into it. But then I pulled out The Pink Stuff!

I used a gloved finger to portion out a glob and drop it onto the tray. Next, I used the scrubby side of a non-scratch Scotch-Brite sponge to work the paste all over the tray. Then, I got to scrubbing. It wasn’t effortless, but it wasn’t a workout either. I could already see silver parts that had been hidden behind baked-on gunk for weeks!

Will you just look at this! It’s definitely not perfect, but it’s a million times better than it’s looked in weeks. And honestly, I truly believe that if I did one more round with The Pink Stuff, it would look nearly as good as new.

What should I use The Pink Stuff to clean next?

Lisa Freedman

Lifestyle Director

Lisa Freedman is the Lifestyle Director at The Kitchn. She has never met a cheese or a washi tape she didn’t like. She lives in New York state with her husband and their pup, Millie.

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