This 4-Ingredient Pickled Garlic Recipe Is the Internet’s New Favorite Snack

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TikTok has gone wild for a totally simple pickled garlic snack that is full of big, strong, supercharged flavor. The trend started from a single video, posted by a user called Lala, reports Today, and now 45 million people have watched videos tagged #pickledgarlic — and that is more than triple the number Today wrote about last week.

The snack, like so many social media hits, is absurdly easy to make and uses a store-bought staple as the base: jarred pickled garlic. But because Lala had been trying to fulfill a craving inspired by the kimchi a former neighbor had made for her, she needed to dress it up. She starts with a natural pickled garlic — no added oils or flavors — then drains all the vinegar out before adding Sriracha, chili flakes, and thyme. “It’s so good,” she says in the original video. “I’m going to have a tummy ache tomorrow!” But she also encourages her almost two million followers to give it a try and let her know how they like — which many have done. 

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Naomi Tomky


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