This One-Sheet Roast Chicken Vegetable Confit Is Foolproof

November 25, 2021

If I could choose one go-to recipe that does it all, this would be it. The humble roast chicken and veggie combo is truly an every occasion recipe, from a weekday lunch to feed multiple family members, a meal-planning recipe to feed me for many days, or a special dinner for friends. This sheet pan whole roast chicken vegetable confit works EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

Why does this chicken recipe stand out from the rest? The vegetable confit! Yes, the chicken is juicy and perfect, but the vegetables are the star and the chicken knows it. Don’t be afraid to use the full amount of olive oil in the ingredients list. The oil is simply used to cook the vegetables in an environment where they are not allowed to dry out, think tender, and caramelized. At the end, you’ll collect all of this delicious infused oil, and save it to add to anything you want to make delicious in the future—yes, even if it’s just to dip some bread as a midnight snack, trust me it’s crave-worthy. 

So, What Is Confit?

Confit is a French term reserved for cooking meat submerged in fat and it’s great for taste, texture, and preservation, but that has changed. More and more we’re seeing it be used to cook vegetables to perfection. Try it once and you’ll never buy the small bottle of oil at the store again, olive oil being my favorite, but other fats, especially animal fats are very popular. Also, infused oils (aka the byproduct of confiting) are a culinary secret that can change your sauces and dressings from regular to unique, there’s no wasting of this liquid gold. 

My Foolproof Roast Chicken Tip

As for the chicken, there are two steps that you’re welcome to skip if you’re short on time, but this is what makes the chicken fail-proof: brining and drying before cooking it. You will need to open some space in the fridge and start this the day before you roast it, but it’s so worth it. I guarantee it will take your chicken from humble to showstopper status. I hope you try it at least once and see the difference yourself.

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