This Yogurt Toast Development Went Viral–This is My Personal Twist On It

February 22, 2022

ICYMI, we’re now on TikTok. I actually by no means thought I’d say it, however I’m genuinely excited to have a recent canvas for inventive expression that feels prefer it doesn’t include as a lot baggage as some other social channels that I received’t point out right here (begins with an I, ends with a -gram.) In the event you’re on, follow us! In the event you’re not, hop to it! I’ve significantly had a lot enjoyable diving into a brand new group the place sure, there are numerous mind-numbing movies, however there are additionally unbelievable artists, entrepreneurs, and proficient folks creating actually inspiring content.

One factor you shortly find out about TikTok is that it’s extremely trend-driven, and people traits rise quick and fall even faster. Once I caught a latest yogurt toast trend on all my foodie accounts, I used to be intrigued since I’ve been slathering my toasted Ezekiel Sesame bread with full fats greek yogurt for years. Different folks do that? I assumed. “I really feel seen!” Effectively, not so fast–the TikTok’ers bake their yogurt toast forming a custardy topping which, I’m sorry, kinda grosses me out.

So, within the spirit of leaping on the TikTok yogurt toast pattern however doing it alone phrases, behold my very simple but ridiculously delish Yogurt Toast with Peanut Butter, Banana, and Yogurt. Sure, it’s a no-recipe recipe, however one that you could be not have considered but–and belief me after I say that it’s more likely to grow to be a brand new go-to breakfast or lunch in your rotation.

Peanut Butter & Banana Yogurt Toast. It’s a thing.

First, let’s talk about those peanut butter and banana toppings, or PBB as it’s referred to in our house. Maybe it’s the nostalgia factor that does it for me. (One summer when I was 16, I worked as a restaurant hostess and ate a PBBH (honey) sandwich every single night when I got home from my shift. If I wanted to really amp it up, I made it on toasted raisin bread. Highly recommend.) All these years later, there’s something about the flavor combo that is endlessly satisfying, and nowadays I like to add crunch with a handful of granola and a pinch of flaky salt.

How do you get the peanut butter to drizzle like that?

To give peanut butter that drizzly consistency, just scoop a couple spoonfuls in a tiny bowl and zap it in the microwave for 5 – 10 seconds. Really, that’s it. Peanut butter is transformed into a silky smooth “sauce” that drizzles over your toast and then hardens into the perfect bit of PB in every single bite. YUM.

What type of yogurt?

Repeat after me: Full Fat Plain Greek Yogurt. Don’t try this recipe with low-fat, no-fat, dairy-free, or non-greek. Maybe you could get away with an equally thick yogurt like Icelandic, but anything that’s the slightest bit thin or watery will immediately turn your toast into mush. I like to drain any liquid off the top of the yogurt so that you’re left with the most thick and custardy texture possible, perfect for scooping and spreading over your toast like frosting.

Any other ideas for topping yogurt toast?

I thought you’d never ask. When you’re making your own twist on the yogurt toast trend, just remember this formula: yogurt + fruit + sauce + crunch. Here are some of my favorite combinations to top my toast. I enjoy all of these frequently.

  1. Yogurt + Raspberries + Chocolate Sauce + Granola (hello, kinda healthy dessert!)
  2. Yogurt + Sliced Pear + Toasted Walnuts + Flaky Salt
  3. Yogurt + Strawberries + Almond Butter Drizzle + Toasted Sliced Almonds

Scroll on for the recipe, and I’d love to hear in the comments if you’ve given the yogurt toast trend a try. Tag me on IG (or TikTok!!!) should you make this one!

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