Use These Letters To Declare And Confess Your Feelings

March 4, 2021

What could be more beautiful than love. Love gives wings. But it’s even better when you experience it within a relationship. 

Love is Often so strong that words are difficult to express. Some lovers in this case, prefer to opt in to using letters to declare and confess their love feelings.

A love letter is a great way to declare your love for a woman, but bringing your feelings to life on paper is not always easy. 

So, to give you a little inspiration, here are some examples of love letters that you don’t have to write word by word, but which can help you write a love letter to your loved once.

Beautiful letter of declaration of love For Her

My little one (her first name),

It was beautiful and nice moment with you yesterday. I wake up in the morning full of love and smiles upon the thought of you, i hope that your sleep was pleasant and sweet. I just want to share with you how am feeling in this wonderful morning.

My little one, you are beautiful, such beauty that makes flowers bloom, You marked me with that beautiful smile. 

It reminds me of a spring evening, under a gentle pleasant breeze, of a loving hug from a caring mother, at a time when men did not yet know sin.

You are the wife of a man, the mother of a baby and the goddess who watches over a loving heart. My heart thirsts for your happiness, and I won’t leave without it.

See, I just want to let you know how I’m feeling. I must open my heart to you, and lovingly point out that I love you. Yes, I love you dearly (his first name).

Love declaration letter For Him

How are you (his first name),

I wanted to tell you how I feel about you, but first read this hearty letter.

I was touched by your low and reassuring sensational voice. 

Listening to this voice, my heart races, as if the firefighters of love have just arrived. Your look, as beautiful, supported, and authentic; I also like the way you accept people. Yes, I am watching you, I confess.

With me you are cuddly. Your touches resonate in me like chimes. In your arms, I feel good, I brush against the desire to be loved. I just breathe in your perfume, and accept your wonderful benevolence.

It’s true that our paths crossed a bit by chance, but for me, there is no such thing as chance, especially in love. This love that there is between two people attracted to each other.

If the man is proud, the woman is strong. With this letter I would like to confess to you what has crystallized in me for several days. You see, my feelings are so strong. Know that I love you.


Letter to declare love to a woman (More Openly)

Dear [first name],

This is the starting point of this letter and I can not wait to know your answer. 

As you know, I am not very talkative, I do not express my feelings well and this is the reason why I decided to write you a letter rather than talking to you face to face.

Now [determine how long] we know each other and as we met, I got to know you and appreciate your company. 

And now this sincere relationship has developed into a more tender feeling. 

You may have noticed it; I am far from indifferent to your presence and I seek to be with you whenever the opportunity presents itself. Even when you’re not there, you occupy all my thoughts.

Together, we have a great time and these wonderful moments spent by your side make me dream of a love affair with you. 

I hope you will understand that I couldn’t keep it all to myself any longer. It is therefore with immense impatience that I await your response.

Letter of declaration of love for a woman (Direct Love)

Dear [first name],

I don’t want to be with anyone but you, I want to take care of you, if you will allow it. 

I want to make your worries become joys, so that you will forever keep your smile that lights up your face. 

My wish is that together we build our life of happiness. A cocoon of love and tenderness far from the eyes of others.

With these few lines, i will like to express and uncover what is enclosed in my heart because of you, i would have love to tell you this in person but what i feel is stronger than my courage. 

When I’m with you, nothing matters anymore, I have the feeling that we are alone in the world and that time stands still, and in this time I want to savor every moment with you.

Sweetheart, I want you with me, I want to take care of you and cherish you in my arms, kiss you and get lost in your gaze.

My Angel, I need you … let’s together choose happiness … I Love You.

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